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Adult Services

Crisis Intervention
Crisis Intervention (CI)

The Crisis Intervention Program offers services directed toward the assessment and immediate stabilization of acute symptoms of mental illnesses and/or emotional distress. The C.I. Program provides emergency response 24 hours per day, by phone or face-to-face, with the goal of facilitating the individual’s return to a more manageable state of functioning. Crisis services include crisis assessments, crisis counseling, consultation, referrals, pre-screening for inpatient level of care in the least restrictive setting that meets the individual’s needs.

Adult Outpatient
Adult Outpatient (AO)

Counseling services are available to individuals ages 18 and over who are experiencing symptoms of emotional disturbances, stress, and mental illnesses. Individual and/or group services are provided using evidence based (EBT), and evidence based informed therapies.

Psychiatric Services
Psychiatric Services

When recommended, psychiatric services may be available for individual 18 and older. Psychiatric evaluation, psychotropic medication prescription, and psychotropic medication monitoring services are available by tele-psychiatry.

Outpatient Fitness Restoration (OFR)

The UCCS Outpatient Fitness Restoration (OFR) Program provides fitness restoration services to individuals who are charged with a crime but are not able to participate in the legal process. A judge must find the individual unfit to stand trial (UST). Once an individual is found UST and the individual does not require inpatient treatment in a secure IL Dept. of Human Service (IDHS) forensic facility, the individual may be referred for outpatient fitness restoration services at UCCS. Agency services also address symptoms of emotional disturbances, stress related to daily living, and symptoms of mental illnesses. These services may include case management, community support, advocacy, psychiatric, medication compliance services, etc.

Truama Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Truama Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TFCBT)

TF-CBT is an evidence based intervention designed to help individuals overcome the impact of traumatic events. It is designed to help with traumas related to: childhood trauma, sexual abuse, physical abuse, domestic violence, grief, etc.

Group Support
Support Services

Recovery-oriented support services are offered in the least restrictive community environment. Long-term support programs are available for adults living in the community with serious persistent mental illness (SPMI). These services are intended to help individuals gain access to effective treatment and support essential for living, working, learning, and participating fully in the community. Support services may include the following: Community Support Services or Community Support Residential.

Community Support Services
Community Support Services (CS)

Services are outreach-oriented and tailored to individual needs. Services offered are assistive in nature and focus on helping individuals gain needed skills and build resiliency. Community Support, along with more traditional case management services, are intended to help individuals gain access to, and coordinate resources that move them toward long-term recovery.

Community Support Residential
Community Support Residential (CSR)

This program provides 24-hour supervised transitional living environment for individuals who qualify. Residents are provided skill-building services along with individualized intensive support and counseling, in order to facilitate independent living in the community.


UCCS upholds values of honesty, fairness and respect for all citizens. UCCS staff participate in activities that promote human rights, equitable treatment for all community members, and respect for individual differences and abilities.