Our Programs

Child & Adolescent Services

Crisis Intervention (CI)

The Crisis Intervention Program offers services directed toward the assessment and immediate stabilization of acute symptoms of mental illnesses and/or emotional distress. The Crisis Intervention Program provides emergency response 24 hours per day, by phone or face-to-face, with the goal of facilitating the individual’s return to a more manageable state of functioning. Crisis services include crisis assessments, crisis counseling, consultation, referrals, pre-screening for inpatient level of care in the least restrictive setting that meets the individual’s needs.


Child and Adolescent (C&A)

This program offers individual, family, and/or group counseling focused on the needs of children and adolescents who are experiencing problems with school, family, and peers. Referrals are accepted from schools, law enforcement, courts, DCFS, parents, and other providers.

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Truama Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TFCBT)

Truama Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TFCBT) TF-CBT is an evidence based intervention designed to help individuals overcome the impact of traumatic events. It is designed to help with traumas related to: childhood trauma, sexual abuse, physical abuse, domestic violence, grief, etc.

Community Support Services (CS)

Services are outreach-oriented and tailored to individual needs. Services offered are assistive in nature and focus on helping individuals gain needed skills and build resiliency. Community Support, along with more traditional case management services, are intended to help individuals gain access to, and coordinate resources that move them toward long-term recovery.